Terms of Use and Privacy

Morfeas Guesthouse considers your privacy to be a very serious matter, so it does everything possible to fully comply with all their editing rules as they arise from Greek and European law.

Morfeas Guesthouse collects personal information of its users only when they provide them voluntarily. Special care is available for data collected with the help of cookies. Due to the frequent and rapid changes in technology and the legislator’s efforts to keep the legislation in line with these changes, Morfeas Guesthouse is committed to inform you of any changes to the privacy policy. In the event of a user / member disagreement with this policy, he / she must interrupt and avoid browsing the site.

Principles of keeping and processing

The Morfeas Guesthouse is committed to making every effort to preserve the privacy of your information. Therefore, it may not transfer it to any third party (natural or legal) for any reason except as provided by law and solely to the competent authorities.

Minor guests can access our services only with the consent of their parents or guardians, and in case of personal information from minors, Morfeas Guesthouse will delete all relevant information.

The visitor / user can contact the webmaster at info@morfeasguesthouse.gr at any time to inform if there is a file with his / her details and can change them and delete them from the lists whenever he / she wishes.

The Morfeas Guesthouse keeps personal user records exclusively for financial, tax and physical communication reasons. In the context of the continuous improvement of its services and information, it may, in strict confidentiality and anonymity, process part or all of the items you have sent for statistical and financial reasons.

The personal data collected by Morfeas Guesthouse are:

Through the availability form

To search for room availability, Morfeas Guesthouse is required to provide the following information:

Name, phone, email address.

These items, regardless of whether the user becomes a customer of the accommodation, are not publicly displayed, and only Morfeas Guesthouse managers are accessible to them.


Morfeas Guesthouse does not send newsletters to its users, it only uses the contact information regarding availability and completion of the booking process.

The information you submit through the form is not saved in a list and therefore there is no possibility to send newsletters.

Messaging via communication form

By submitting your message to a Morfeas Guesthouse contact form, you agree to these terms and conditions regarding the use of your email and your name on behalf of Morfeas Guesthouse.

Morfeas Guesthouse undertakes not to use this information for marketing purposes nor to transfer it to third parties.

By submitting your message to a Morfeas Guesthouse accommodation form, you agree to these terms and conditions regarding the use of your email, telephone and your name on behalf of Morfeas Guesthouse.


With the help of appropriate links within the Morfeas Guesthouse, access to third party websites is possible. The placement of these links has been made for the sole purpose of facilitating visitors while browsing the internet. It is by no means an indication of acceptance or approval of the content of the websites listed by link. The link leads to a different web site, which is subject to the terms of use of this site. Morfeas Guesthouse bears no responsibility whatsoever for the content and privacy policy of the site referenced by the link. Access by using the provided links to the website is carried out under the sole responsibility of the user himself.